Aerial Pro Overview

in January 2014. Originally conceived to be used as a production tool to support our video business Villa Films, AerialPro has now developed into an independent brand offering full aerial filming and photographic services with “permission for aerial work” granted by the CAA.
with remote-controlled multi-rotor UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones). We have full aerial permissions granted by the C.A.A to work commercially in the UK.
Creating 4k resolution cinematic footage, our cameras are gimbal stabilised so create extremely smooth footage and have full 360° 3-axis capabilities. Using a live HD video downlink to view imagery on the ground, enabling the Pilot, Cameraman / Director or Client full creative control at all times
for a wide variety of businesses, including property developers, production companies and promotional videos for brands on the Internet. AerialPro also create content for use in ground based productions enhancing the production values of any film. Please also view Video and Villa Films on the main Imagen site.
granted by the CAA and is fully insured with specialist insurers John Heath for £5m public liability to fly at altitudes of up to 400ft (120m). AerialPro pilots are all RPAS qualified through Recourse Group, the leading supplier of light UAS Accreditation, and operate to strict UAV safety and operational rules to ensure the safety of flight crew the public and property.

C.A.A Approved to fly

As a licensed operator of UAVs AerialPro is governed and regulated by the CAA. Legally we need to adhere to all these regulations for public liability and insurance covers to be valid. Each job will be risk assessed on an individual basis but here are a few general pointers to help with planning.

  • We require the permission of the landowner to take off and land

  • We can fly up to 400 feet (120m) above the ground

  • We cannot fly further than 1500m from the UAV pilot and always line of sight.
  • We cannot fly directly over or within 50m of people, building and roads which are not under the control of the crew.
  • If we are flying near CAA restricted areas including airports or aerodromes, we may need to contact Air traffic Control to check on any current restrictions for the flight date.

The benefits of UAV compared to a helicopter

  • More cost effective than a full size helicopter
  • 100% more versatile (think under bridges, inside buildings, low to ground)
  • Electric craft – emission-free and quiet
  • Fast and flexible set-up, deployment in minutes
  • Cheaper than manned helicopter and 100% more flexible
  • Can be flown almost anywhere.
  • No flying permits needed only permission from the landowner and general permissions to fly from the CAA – save time & money
  • On-board return to home failsafe on UAV operational at all times
  • Indoor & outdoor filming – no need for cranes & dollies”