Ever directed a photo shoot from your own office?

Art Direct enables Art Directors and clients to effectively manage photography and video shoots remotely. With COVID-19 restrictions currently in place in the UK and across much of the world, and social distancing measures likely to remain in place for some time, Imagen have developed a new art directing solution to help manage these restrictions.  This will allow us to continue working by creating strong remote collaboration tools for use with clients or art directors if you are not be able to physically attend a shoot.  To enable this remote level of collaboration we utilise video conferencing software with a ‘through the lens’ live camera view, an overview set camera, and a workstation camera feed with operator audio for the photographer.  Instant access to each capture file is also included, giving you everything you need to give solid feedback in real time.

  • Live camera feed for detailed analysis
  • Set overview camera
  • Workstation camera with audio feed from photographer
  • Hot folder for instant access to captures files
  • Live onscreen drawing and chat

Remote Director enables all visual information from the studio including live camera feed, studio set camera and workstation camera feed with operator audio, and synced cloud folder with instant access to capture files.  ArtDirect includes an innovative feature allowing enhanced collaboration to give instant feedback on photography by being able to comment and draw on screen over the live image from the camera, allowing stress free communication with the photographer to create exactly what you are after.  In our trials with art directors this became a standout feature that was required to effortlessly communicate feedback. With the support of post shoot GMG proofing ArtDirect can offer an effective remote art direction solution for your business.

  • Hot folder for Instant access to captures files

Files will automatically appear in an Art Direct synced cloud folder enabling remote critical review of files live. To be used if or when a full remote art direction is not required yet files can be reviewed instantly when convenient or when feedback is required

  • Live camera feed for detailed analysis
  • Set overview camera
  • Workstation camera
  • Hot folder for instant access to captures files
  • Safe distance studio meetings, discussions and communication

For complex projects where Art Directors or clients need to be present at the studio, client and staff safety is paramount, social distancing is maintained by utilising ArtDirect to feed live information from our cameras and sent to large monitors in our client lounge. also featuring “live feedback overlay” on images to comment and draw instantly on screen, separated by distance but in the same studio space, enabling close up critical review and discussion while maintaining strong social distancing procedures at the studio offering full control and safety for clients and staff.

Clients are still welcome to visit the Imagen studios in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

We run a Covid-19 social distancing policy informed by current Government guidelines.  All staff and client’s temperatures are taken when entering the studios each day, sanitiser, masks and gloves are available when required.

We are fortunate to have large studios with independent client areas, by restricting numbers where possible we can confidently maintain 2m social distancing.  Utilising Studio Director clients can see in real time any photograph that is taken, on monitors in the client lounge area yet still communicate easily.  The studios are kept well ventilated throughout enabling good airflow through the studios as per government’s guidelines.

Remote connection and art direction

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